The Warning Signs


Prevention is the best way to stop our addiction epidemic. It is important to openly discuss concerns about drugs with your family, especially your children.

 The “feel good” reaction of using alcohol and drugs can turn into addiction.
Genetic and environmental factors cause drug use to progress to addiction in some people. If you have a family member who has drug addiction or alcoholism it may run in your family. The environmental factors can involve negative influences from family and/or friends, life stresses (money, relationship problems) and more.




Here are some warning signs of addiction to look for:

  • Withdrawal from friends or family
  • No longer taking joy in activities or events that used to be
    fun for the person
  • Sudden change in friends
  • Disconnection and disinterest (“blah” attitude)
  • Secretive behavior, disappearing for extended periods of
    time at family or social events
  • Sudden mood swings and unpredictable behavior
You’re probably thinking this list describes most people at one time or another, especially teens. The important thing to remember if you answered“yes” to any items above and your loved one’s behavior changed suddenly, it is worth further investigation. If you suspect drugs or alcohol are a problem, talk to your loved one about your concerns- you might just save a life
For information on parenting a teen who may be at risk of substance abuse go to this website:


There are many forms of Treatment to recover the lives of people afflicted with the disease of addiction.

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Jessi de Boer- LADC, LCMHC, Coordinator of Adult Recovery Services at Counseling Service of Addison County


The Addison County Committee on Substance Use and Prevention