Unbound Grace





Unbound Grace is a non-profit organization that offers all youth the equal opportunity to re-root themselves back into Vermont’s traditional working landscape through taking part in Sentinel Farms Arts, Agricultural & Equestrian Programming.
Sentinel Farms acts as the working educational campus for health and wellness, where youth along with their families /guardians have the opportunity to experience and adopt the action based philosophy of Good Stewardship.
As youth learn respectful and responsible animal husbandry they also rapidly develop strong, loving and uncomplicated relationships with the family of farm animals which naturally provides a safe forum to develop their own capacity for caring compassion and empathy.
Unbound Grace ~ Sentinel Farms Programming focuses on the healthy maturation of the youth involved throughout their formative years and straight forwardly assists youth with increasing their communication, coping and self-advocacy skills within a consistent and caring community.
A true story:
One day two angels arrived and offered themselves – gifts and talents in abundance. In time – one revealed her broken and tattered wing tips that she had carefully kept folded while working but were now starting to fall behind her, dragging in the mud – I noticed the battering of gentle feathers and asked about her turning course – lost eyes turned toward me with tears and revealed her continuing fall – I pray for this angel to draw herself back – back before she invited in the feeling of false flight, back to her birth when with shining eyes – if only for a moment – she witnessed the world in all its awesome beauty and reflected it back – wholly. I pray for this lovely fallen angel to connect back with a hungry defiance for the handle to the door of life that she can cling to and in time choose to re-open. With heaps of multi-dimensional support this angel can reconnect to the thrill of flying with her gossamer wings and separate from her false fondness for thrills that leave fields upon fields of lifeless bones. 
It is our job to mentor our youth throughout their formative years to steer wide and clear of the webs that will attempt to hold them and trip them even after full preening – and instead encourage a bold Yes to Life powered flight. The community must be present – when needed to be the health focused wind beneath all our angels wings and lovingly encourage them to fly – truly uninhibited – and once again. All things are possible where two or more are gathered together and love abides. Do not give up Hope – while the miracle of breath still resides within you – you can choose life. OxO
To Learn more visit: http://www.unboundgrace.org/