Some Prescriptive Pain Medications may be addictive

Here is a video about one form of prevention:


What might we find in our medicine cabinets that might be addictive?

There are a number of common Prescription opiate based and non-opiate based drugs often prescribed by doctors for a number of conditions. An example is pain relief. These prescriptive drags can be addictive if overused.
Here is a partial list:

There are many more. Click here for a list.


Some actions we can take:

1)      Ask your doctor if the medication she/he is prescribing can be addictive.

2)      If yes, ask if there are non-addictive alternative medications.

3)      If you decide to take the potentially addictive med, limit the number of pills to a minimum

4)      Put addictive meds in a locked space in your home.

If you have outdated drugs, here are the safe disposal guidelines and places you can take them to get rid of them.


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