Some important strategies to prevent substance abuse are community involvement such as volunteering, developing natural social supports, engaging in activities that promote health and learning new skills. 

 Here are some places where you can get involved and start connecting with other community members:

  • Consider volunteering through your local Volunteer Center/Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
  • Join a local service club such as Rotary and the Lions Club. 
  • Focus on physical activity.  Enjoy the beauty of Vermont – – take a hike or walk, run, go for a bike ride or swim in one of our many lakes. 
  • Take a class or volunteer at your local recreation department.  If you have the financial means, join a private fitness center.
  • Volunteer or mentor at your local teen center. 
  • Participate in a parent education class or take advantage of parenting resources.   
  • Participate in a support group including those offered through The Turning Point/Recovery Centers of Vermont (see list)
  • Connect with your local faith community

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