Addiction Articles

Informative Articles about Addiction


The Counseling Service of Addison County


The Addison County Committee on Substance Use and Prevention

    have teamed up to put together a series of articles on addiction. Our hope is that this column offers information, support and hope for addiction prevention and recovery, specifically opiate addiction (heroin/painkillers).

The Articles can be clicked below

Article 1: What is Addiction?

Article 2: The Warning Signs of Substance Use and Abuse

Article 3: What Are Addictive Medications

Article 4: My loved one has Addiction- What can I do?

Article 5: Getting Treatment for Addiction

Article 6: Treatment Options

Article 7: Medication Options

Article 8: Acupuncture for Addiction

Article 9: What is Therapy?

Article 10: Peer-To-Peer Recovery Support

Article 11: Summary of Articles